Software & hardware I use

I found the /uses repository and feel always excited about sharing tools, software and hardware I use on my daily basis, especially in my programmer’s work. Let’s get started.

Editor & shell

My primary IDE is Webstorm, occasionally I use PHPStorm or IntelliJ if I need project which Webstorm doesn’t support.

I use Darcula theme, Fira Code font (also in terminal) and few plugins not worth to mention, since Webstorm is providing me everything I need out of the box.

As secondary editor to open single files I use VS Code.

As shell I use oh-my-zsh in default Mac OS terminal. I use a lot of CLI tools like rebase-editor or git-standup.

Browser and web tools

My primary browser is Chrome, but I’m experimenting with Opera.

For standalone HTTP client I use Insomnia


I use Nozbe as primary tool for tasks, connected with (Google) calendar.

I use Day One for writing diary.

I use Alfred for extra automation and CloudApp for screenshots.

I use Feedly and Reeder for RSS feeds and Pocket for storing my content across devices as a backlog to read.

I use Spectacle for window management.

I use Notion for generic all-in-one documentation tool when I keep my projects, wiki etc.


I use mostly Slack for work and Messenger for private messages.


I use mostly Figma (sometimes Adobe Xd) along with Invision and Zeplin.


I use 2018 MacBook Pro 15″ with extra 4k display, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, iPhone 7, iPad Pro 10.5 and Apple Watch 4.

I have Qnap TS-251A NAS server, gaming PC and PS4 Pro.


I use Helium as PiP Netflix viewer.

I use Spotify for music and recently – for podcasts.